On the Road

This special release takes a road trip back into the 1960s, think French country side and the smell of petrol. Centred around metal, the collection refreshes Neil and gives it a sunny upgrade. We also introduce our first Clubmaster sunglass designs Oliver and June, modern classics for those highway sunsets.

Neil | Satin Silver

The thin metal sunglass design makes a classic of the contemporary minimalist wire rim. High quality acetate at the temple tip adds a textural accent.

Diese Fassung kann nur mit einer Stärke von bis zu - oder + 6 angefertigt werden

Dieses Model ist auch als Titan-Fassung verfügbar.

Oliver | Bio Black

Ace & Tate’s first clubmaster sunglasses, with boxy square lenses. Flexible silicone nosepads for comfort and fit. Acetate accent broken over the brow.