Cabin Fever

As the summer starts to fade and the golden glows of Autumn start to creep in, we pack our bags and depart on a weekend getaway into the woods. In anticipation of the upcoming season, we give you cabin fever: an intimate story inspired by bronzy hues and warm mahogany textures, featuring new key designs including the modern aviator Keith and the bigger version of our classic Pierce.


Keith isn’t your average Aviator. Modern and sophisticated, the impact top bar gives a whole new meaning to highbrow. Available in gold and silver, Keith is bound to make a statement.


Louis is both square and subtle, as well as modern and refrained. Available now in warm Alderwood, Louis will brighten up any face, any day.

Pierce Large

Our larger version of the classic Pierce. Sleek and sophisticated, Pierce Large comes in a variation of refreshing colourways.


Round and slender, Lily is both discreet and daring. Available in Gold Dust, Lily radiates effortless cool.

campaign photography by Jeroen Mantel
styling by Thomas Vermeer
still life photography by Elmer Driessen